We now support direct integration with Intuit Quickbooks desktop.

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Mobile Practice Management

  1. Comprehensive solution
    Everything you need to run your mobile business anywhere and anytime you want.
  2. Be more efficient during the day, free up time nights and weekends.
    Wouldn't you rather spend more time with friends and family than sit behind a desk?
  3. Compete on added value, convenience, and flexibility
    Tired of competing on price? Why would you?
  4. Everything you need, nothing you don't use anyway
    Swipes, pinches, and touches is all that you need (after initial setup).

How to save time and money as a small business owner?

How can I clone myself? Is a question that many small business owners ask themselves when answering the first question. There are not enough hours in the day is another response we often hear.

The unavoidable consequence of running a small business is that some effort is necessary to keep things going. Keeping records, billing, planning your week, keeping track of payments, following up on late payers, record keeping, scheduling clients, and making sure you are not running out of shoes. Those are just a few of the activities that consume time. Time you would rather use to take on more clients or spend more time with friends and family. Being out on the road all day every day adds a whole level of complexity. The few tools there are available assume you are sitting behind a computer!

The BT Farrier app is designed to help you be more efficient on the road, by automating managerial tasks to make them as simple and straightforward as possible. The app is lightweight (no feature bloat) with functionality and features designed specifically for farriers. The app has been designed from the ground up for a mobile experience, letting you do your business without entering any text at all, instead relying on voice-to-text (pre-entered text-to-voice), touches, and swipes from any internet enabled device.

Our apps are designed for you by people who understand your business and who understand your time is valuable.