Fed up with coming home at night tired, knowing you really need to sit down and get your invoices out? Tired of dealing with the logistics of getting them in your customers hands?

And that is just your billing. Scheduling appointments is an endless game of back and forth. And keeping track of inventory takes time away from life as well.

Want to spend more time with friends and family? Now you can!

BillThis.com is a light weight business management tool for providers of mobile services for equines. We currently support equine veterinarians and farriers.

  • The BillThis app is designed to let you keep up with your business from any internet enabled mobile device in under 75 seconds per transaction.
  • After initial setup you create a new transaction by selecting and swiping, you never have to enter any text.
  • An invoice is created that lists the service provided, the price, and payment instructions, which gets sent by the BillThis app on your behalf.
  • Your invoice is delivered within seconds.
  • Your client can send you payment by check, PayPal or credit card, or pay cash.
  • Besides a compatible smartphone there is nothing that you need. No equipment to purchase, no software to install.

When you come home at night you are done!

In addition to the BillThis app, we also have a Lesson Scheduler for equine facilities.

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See BillThis in action with a few typical workflows:

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BillThis is a Microsoft BizSpark company

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