the BT Farrier App


BT stands for billthis.com our domain but also our founding concept, as there is no business when you don't get a bill in your client's hands and you are not getting paid

The Service

BillThis.com is the home on the web for mobile business management solutions for those who are mobile services providers. The BT apps simplify managing your business while you are out and about, so you don't have to work at night or in the weekend.

What we do!

We provide a cloud based service accessible from any internet enabled device. After the initial setup you can use our apps pretty much without entering information, instead you use swipes and touches.

What is so unique?

The BT apps were designed from the ground up as something that needed to work from a mobile device first. You can use these apps from a desktop computer as well.

What business activities do you support?

Billing, records, insights, financials, inventory, todo lists, scheduling, customer engagement, RX labels and more.

How will I get paid?

Your clients can pay you with cash, check, or pay with PayPal balance or with a credit card through PayPal, all directly to you.

Do I need to buy special equipment?

All you need is an internet enabled device and an internet connection. If your device is equiped with NFC, you can utilize our smart tiles.

What operating systems do you support?

iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome.

How it works!

In the cloud!

Our applications is hosted in the cloud and are accessible from any computer, tablet, or phone, no matter what brand.

All you need is an internet connection. There is no app to download, no updates to get, and no promises of future compatibility.

Even better we don't ask for blanket permission to get access to your contacts, or pictures, or anything on your phone.

Information that is needed from your clients

From the convenience of a desktop computer you enter location and client information, such as email address, mobile number, and their billing preferences.

Information that is needed from you

On your profile page you enter the name of your business, your contact information, and the email address that is associated with your PayPal account.

The Transaction

At the point of service you select the services you provided.

Within 60 seconds your have prepared your bill, you hit send.

Your client receives your bill within seconds by email or SMS.

How about these smart tiles?

The smart tiles are a quick and convenient way to select the right client, and speed up the transaction time.

Smart tiles reduce errors due to mis identification.

Smart tiles remain at your clients location.

How about my privacy?

Your privacy is important to you and so it is to us. The link to our privacy policy is at the bottom of every page

Fee Structure

What are your fees?

A flat month fee for the use of the app.

What do I need to sign up?

Required Information

This is what we need from you to make our service work: name, state, country, time zone, mobile number, and your email address that is associated with PayPal.

What? My mobile!

Our anonymous SMS service requires that you provide a mobile number that can receive SMS (text).

How will you bill me?

You will receive our bill just like your clients receive yours.



The person or company that provides the service and is getting paid is what we call the provider. The provider is typically the business owner.


The associate is the person who works with the provider. Associates do not have their own PayPal account, instead they use the PayPal email address from the principal Provider.

Who is Alice?

Meet Alice, your own virtual assistant!

Entering information on a mobile device is cumbersome at best, even on a warm day. Try holding that cold slab of aluminum with cold and dirty hands and enter information at the same time! Alice helps you capture information without actually having to type it. Alice will help you take a voice recording of your exam findings. This recording will become part of the permanent record, and we can even transcribe it for you.

BT apps SMS / MMS integration


The BT apps uses SMS as an informal and convenient way to help you reach your customers, let your customers reach you with the the interuption, and also sends you alerts when you are running low on inventory.


Pictures and video by SMS are used to let you augment your client records with picture and video to document your work, or even document important findings.

BT apps Voice-to-Text and Text-to-Voice


When you call the BillThis service number to leave a voice recording detailing your findings (with the help of Alice), we can transcribe your message back to text. That way you don't have to sit down and write it down or enter it. The transcribed text is added to the client's record.


We like to pretend Alice is a real person... but her computer generated voice is an example of text-to-voice.

Why we don't need permission to access your email, contacts, and pictures

Everytime an app asks permission for access you really give away control of your personal information. We don't like that at all ourselves and think you would prefer to stay in control as well. The BT apps have a clever way to let you share with us only what you want. It works like this. Say you want to add a profile picture for this new horse you are working on. In the Images/Video/Audio panel you select Add Profile Picture. You make a picture on the spot or use one you already have and upload it to your app. Nice to be in control, right?