BT Farrier app - The mobile business management solution for farriers.

How to save time and money as a farrier?

The BT Farrier app consists of: business insights, financials, billing, to-do list, calendar, worksheet, appointment setting and inventory.

Flexibility you need
Anywhere, anytime access from any internet enabled device
Your device
Desktops, laptops, netbooks, chromebooks, tablets, phablets, smartphones
No feature bloat!
Light weight! All you need, nothing that you don't use.
No legacy functionality
Designed from the ground up for a mobile experience
Clean interface
No unnecessary distractions
Quickbooks (premium)
Sync at the push of button!

The bill prep screen


within seconds

  1. immediate payment or accounts
  2. send your bill when you want
  3. bill gets delivered by SMS or Email
  4. accept credit cards through PayPal
  5. add sales tax on the fly
  6. sync with Quickbooks (desktop)

Business Insights

and more...

  1. Clients
  2. Transactions
  3. Money
  4. Mileage (optional)
  5. Sales Tax (optional)


no surprises
  1. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual revenues
  2. Invoiced, but not paid
  3. Completed, but not invoiced

Shoeing Records

available anytime, anywhere

  1. Record your work with permanent records
  2. Review patient records when you need them
  3. Document your work with audio, images and video


be proactive

  1. view upcoming work per client or per barn
  2. plan your work and notify your clients by SMS
  3. shows which horses need to done where


your plan

  1. What, where, and when
  2. Automated appointment setting
  3. Prioritize your work


never run out again

  1. Your manufacturers and shoes
  2. Know what you have
  3. Customizable alerts
  4. Minimize your shipping cost

Multi Farrier Practices


  1. collaboration for all, incl. office staff
  2. always in sync
  3. provide efficient relief

Anywhere and anytime access.

Hosted in the cloud.

Designed from the ground up for you. No legacy functionality! And no feature bloat.

Available now on Android, Apple, Windows, Chrome: smartphones, tablets, phablets, laptops, and desktops.

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Flat monthly fee depending on your plan.

You will receive our bill on a monthly basis after your 30 day free trail period is over.

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